CRM Customization

Each industry has its own business process, work flows, terms and conditions. Out of the box CRM’s come with generic content and functionalities, which are applicable to multiple industries. It does not include the specific business language.

CRM Customization | Crisant Technologies

CRM Development expertise

Major highlights of our CRM Development services are

Analysis / Discovery

Th idea of implementing a CRM for your business seem to be intimidating.  Hence, we encourage you to meet us, list out all your business goals, strategies, business process and business needs. Based on your input, we can devise a plan for implementing the right system.


To ensure the developed CRM system works that way you do your business, we design & develop CRM to match your business process. Starting from UI/UX designs, mobile ready, dashboard reports, integration with mobile Apps and integration with other internal systems.


CRM implementation within your business is as complex as developing the CRM. Your business team needs to be trained on every aspect of the CRM, the process flow, benefits. We Crisant technologies, make sure to implement the CRM developed and train your team to use the system.


As CRM can help you maintain your data at your finger tips, it can be made to handle your business smoothly by automation. Using the automation process, we can define the workflow and life cycle for customer journey. The automation can help you eliminate the repeated tasks.

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