Eezee Rentals

Eezee Rentals

Bike rental booking portal:

Eezee Rentals, the biggest bike rentals booking company in Mysore. Eezee Rentals has approximately 75 bikes and has more than 300 bookings per week. To simplify the booking process, Crisant team designed & developed a responsive Bike rental booking portal. The booking portal is equipped with payment gateway for accepting payments online and integrated with mail-chimp email marketing application for tracking email performance. The bike rental portal to have the below features:

  • Responsive booking portal which is mobile & portable device friendly
  • Easy to understand booking process
  • Admin panel, for stock & bookings control
  • Email & SMS alerts on every stage of customer life cycle
  • Abandon cart feature with auto bike lock & free
  • Multiple locations & Multiple city listing
  • SEO Optimized web pages
  • Connected with Social Media for regular promotions and driving traffic to website
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Coupon management system
  • Blogging


Technology Stack:

  • PHP 7.0
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap 4 & JQuery

Feedback from Customer:
One of the best website developer out there, both aesthetically and technically. I can vouch that they can overshoot your expectations so be prepared. You can check out our website ‘eezeerentals’ to see what I’m talking about.

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Web Application Development Services:

With the rise in mobile apps and IoT (Internet of things), web application development plays a critical role in securing a safe haven for your business. As everyone’s concern has inclined to the world of apps, web application development plays a vital role in keeping your business app-ready.

Our team of web application developers is well versed with the newest technologies and has a good understanding of PHP, Apache, and Mysql database.

We at Crisant have mastered the cloud-based technologies and have successfully developed school applications, bike rental portals, and inventory tracking systems.