Our Process

  1. time-line
    Step 1:

    We start with an in depth discussion with the client to understand the current situation. We understand that each customer is unique and each business problem is unique. Though the industries in which two businesses operate are same, the challenges they might be facing are unique. What are the business objectives, goals or challenges your business wants to address? This phase is intended to capture such minute details and set expectations clearly on both ends.

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    Step 2:
    Planning & Design

    After we have gathered a clear understanding of your problem, we do an internal brainstorming with our team. By leveraging our previous experience in the same industry or same technology domain, we try to come up with multiple ways to address your business need. These ideas and designs are vetted by our technical panel before we present it across to you. The shortlisted idea(s) are then explored in depth to get a quantitative measure of time and effort required to accomplish stated objectives.

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    Step 3:

    Once the planning is complete, team starts to develop the website as per the wireframe and design finalized. Team will make sure to use all the latest technologies and framework to make sure your website / application gets the richest look with high loading speed. Customers will be notified when a specific project milestone is reached and a round of demo will be provided once the basic layout is designed.

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    Step 4:

    A full-fledged integration and system testing is done in this phase. In the first phase we do the system testing at our location. The final testing is done at client location (if required) before declaring the product ?ready? for official field release. As a practice, we require both 100% approval for blackbox and whitebox test reports provided by us.

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    Step 5:

    Once the website / web application is approved with contents, the website will be made live and taken approvals on the same. This will be closure stage of the project.

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    Step 6:

    Developing product or a solution one time is one thing, and maintaining it for the rest of the period as long as the product is in market is another thing. Once we deliver the product or solution to you, we migrate from a solution partner to maintenance partner for you. A complete maintenance support team takes care of all product maintenance requirements and support as and when required.